Sunday, 30 May 2010

Stop Praising David Laws.

Please.  Why is everybody praising this person as a paragon.
This is conceivably one of the most deceitful and most abusive scandals ever.
He had a secret lover, who he paid with taxpayers' money. 
He could have kept his privacy but chose to give him your money as well.  As a way to cover it up.
He also gave his lover exorbitant maintenance and council tax payments according to the Telegraph.
Which records show that he reduced when rules were introduced saying that recipts were needed.
This  is proof that his intent was to make petty financial gain.
Yet he persisted.
The expenses scandal must have told him that he was breaking the rules.
His excuse is that he wanted to help his lover buy a flat. - That's not something that taxpayers need to pay a millionaire for to get themselves represented.
Yet he is universally praised.  
He is praised by the leaders of a government who are going to change our broken politics.
There has been no witch hunt.  
No one's been calling for his head.  
He went because the most disgusting deceit has been tried on, and found out. 
Oh, and how does 'we weren't even proper partners' excuse him? 

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