Thursday, 16 November 2006

The Height of Average

I am in the office of the advertising agency for which I work trying to think of some ideas for Citroen. Also some for Peugeot, and some for Weight Watchers and also more for Citroen. I am still hungover from last night even though it is now 18.43. This is now turning into the dead timeI referred to in previous post, and ideal for attending to my blog. A baleful expectoration into the universal pond.

I have been watching a sequence of brain candy DVDs, bearing short films and animations, in the hope that they charge my memory with some useful pap for future regurtation. If I was a stand up comedian I would be encouraged to take my most obvious unique asset to make it the basis of my stage personality. For example if I was short I would do jokes about how small I was. If I were Asian I'd do some jokes about what it's like being Asian. Unless of course I was an Asian comic working exclusively in Asia, when the uniqueness would be lost on the audience. I think I would choose the fact that my height is exactly the average height of a human male. 5'81/2".


Anonymous said...

Two posts and you´re out?

Didn´t you write a book?

Guess that means you don´t have to much of that spare time you started to write about in your first post

Anonymous said...

I like the word Mumps. Its sothing (I guess the Mum-part is responsible), childish and funny.